Looking for Work?

Calgary Career Hub is here to help you get working quickly. We offer job seekers the resources, skills and support needed to find and maintain employment in Calgary, all at no cost to the participant. Whether you are looking for your first job, have worked in the same industry for the last 15 years, or are anywhere in between, Calgary Career Hub has services to support you to get work quickly.

When you visit Calgary Career Hub, you will meet with a Career Advisor to discuss your employment goals and develop a plan to help you find employment as quickly as possible. Calgary Career Hub staff know that each person’s situation is different, and will customize your plan to meet your unique needs. Your personalized job search plan may include a combination of:

Career Coaching


Through one-to-one coaching, you will refine your goals, receive information on other community supports, encouragement and introductions to employers. You will learn about personal branding, professional networking and how to “sell” your skills.


Together with your Career Advisor, you will choose workshops that will help you reach your employment goals. There is a daily schedule of workshops covering topics like resume writing, interview skills and job search in a recession.

Self Serve

Self Serve Resources

Our resource room offers everything you need to find and apply for jobs. You will have access to workstations, computers, the internet and printing and faxing services. You can also find information on subjects like finance, childcare and job retention. One-on-one assistance is also available in our resource room.

Job Search Services

Calgary Career Hub has strong relationships with employers; we use these to help you find job opportunities. We also help you understand how to negotiate job offers and employment contracts with potential employers.

Get the help you need to find work fast, meet with a Career Advisor!

It is important to know that Calgary Career Hub is not a job placement service. Clients are expected to actively look for work while receiving job search support from Calgary Career Hub. Calgary Career Hub does not provide financial assistance to clients.